Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ady Arens Whimsical Art Cards

I thought today I would put up some splendid little cards that Grandma, Maryann Hanners' good friend, Ady Arens sent to her some years ago. These are a delightful set of whimsical cards, that Ady drew and painted herself. I couldn't resist putting funny little lines to them, for they seemed to be wanting to say something. Ady was such a good friend, for many years, thank you Ady for your delightful cards. I know mother really loved them, and I do too.

But the ladies had none for him. He was too beaky and when it came to romance, an all around bad egg.

                     And a giraffe, and a zebra, and a elephant, and a rhino, and a ...

                                                       And a man to carry it for her.

He was just a ghost of his former self, but Agnes was sure pumpkins were the perfect bait.

                                                      After their margarita's.
                                                      Always tripping over rainbows.

      And three more she was hiding in her purse. It was getting difficult to carry them all.
She always had sticky little fingers.

And she had so wanted just to make a good impression.

Candace invited six old biddies in for a hen party and dinner... They were suspicious of her motives.

As Darla guiltily gulped the last bite of her cookie, she felt the penetrating gaze of her cat leering at her.

Dear Pilgrims, Tho the corn was delicious, I must beg of you to lower the carbs, I am putting on fat. Tom

Her name is Primrose Plumpp & therein lies a tale... or two... or three...

Donald's dippy duck, Marvin, was madder than a wet hen, his temper barely holding by a thread. How dare he be called a goose!

     I am NOT the turkey you are looking for... I am NOT the turkey you are looking for...

                    Fuzz the cat is always happy, just as long as you don't give him any static.

                                                 Because you were always the pickier eater.

                    So get off your donkey, saddle your horse, and lets get together and ride.

                                                          It just made her go a little bats.

      Either that or I'm just standing here trying to look innocent of dropping you down it.

                                                 It's just so much easier on your boots.

                     Just keep livin' and you'll get here too, all nose, knee's, and knuckles.

Misses Lavender & Maybelle Sheep, off to the 15th fiber festival... Just hoping this year not to get fleeced.

                                                Like two happy monkey's swingin' on vines!

      Mary & Margaret never outgrew the 50's, when they were sexy soda fountain babes.

              Or was that two prangs... or three prangs... or four prangs...  shoot!

                                                                  Patty did not agree.

                      When the string broke, red-faced, Johann thought his base was vile.

                          Roland was a blue-hatted masher, his horse was... Disgusted!

                               She was a whole lot of fluff, and she new how to Tango.

                                                         Street crossing's are my specialty.

                                                   Two daring Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock.
                                                     Caught canoodling what a shock.
                                                      Now they are in the pillory stock.
                                                Those two daring Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock.

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