Monday, July 31, 2017

Chow Down from Puget Sound - COOK BOOK

Here's a fun cook book I have that I inherited from Mom, (Maryann Hanners), tho I think it first may have belonged to Grandma Matie. I wasn't sure why either one of them would have it since it hales from Bremerton, Washington's Naval Base. The date of 1957 puts it well past when Dad, (Dan Hanners), was there in 1940, so the whole thing had me stumped. I thought Mom might have bought it while on one of her many trips up North as a souvenir, but it was the finding of one of the names that solved the mystery.  Margaret Pineo-Coffee was one of the contributors to this fun piece of work and she was a very dear friend of both Matie and Mom. Being's this was a  book for the benefit of the Wives' Club charitable activities, I have no doubt Matie or Mom purchased it in support of their friend.

It is not a large book so I will be sharing its pages with you from time to time. Today I share here the first twelve pages and I hope you get as much of a kick out of reading it as I did. You might even want to try some of the recipe's?!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yvonne Mary Genson

I know it's been a while and for that I do apologize. It has been right busy here on Hawaii's Whole Acre, and the coming's and goings have been relentless. I have a few moments time and I  am determined to get these few pictures up and this story told if it is the last thing I do.

Every since these first two pictures were sent to me, I have been wanting to put them up, but before I did I wanted more of the story behind them. This is what I found out, thanks to my brother, Phil. When our mother, Yvonne Mary Genson was in her early teens, she was invited to a farm one summer in the small eastern Washington town of Granger. There it was that Grandpa Tupper, as we used to call him, had his dairy and raised his family. She was new to a farm such as this and enjoyed learning all of the chores and eating the good wholesome food. She so wanted to learn to ride the ponies but it was thought they were too frisky, so they wouldn't let her ride them, but instead let her ride this gentle cow.

They had no idea that mom was descended from folks much tougher than that and I have no doubt, given half a chance, she would have ridden a horse or pony like a trouper. Funny, Clarence sure didn't have the same consideration when we lived in Goldendale. We tried to ride his calves and they wouldn't stand still for it. No gentle cows there just fence jumping crazies!

   Mom, age one year and four months, I can only assume this is in North Bend or Snoqualmie?!
 Mom age 8 with her younger sister Eleanor age five in 1944 in Renton, Washington. This is with friends or schoolmates, which if the latter, makes me wonder if they were living in Renton at that time?
 Mom age 13 or 14, when they were living at the, "Y" in North Bend, Washington, not far from where we took swimming lessons at Si View pool.
 Mom age 13 or 14 living at the "Y", this is their front porch and grandma Genson is taking the picture. Summer of 1949 or 1950.
 Mom age 15, her freshman, and only year in high school. Picture taken at Auburn Academy, 1951. Whose is that school pin there on her collar I wonder?
 Near as I can date this picture is to June 1952, going by the fact the hollyhocks are in bloom, and mom & dad, Wesley Gerald Robison, haven't married yet. Mom said this was the dress she got married to Wes in, which would have been later that year on December 30th in Renton, Washington.
 Mom and her children, Angelina aka Angie, Cheri, & Linda Robison. part of the first troupe of five.
     Blaine & Lesa Robison, also part of the troupe of five.
 Brent Madison Still aka "Toby Joe" Thomas, an adorable 6th, adopted by our step-dad, Richard.
 Mom and her 3rd husband, Richard Duane Thomas, the best and only step-dad. They were married at his parents house on September 5th, 1968.
This is a picture of Richard when he was a boy. I would say about 5 or 6 give or take. He grew up in the Snoqualmie Valley and knew our mother very well. His sister being her best friend in school. he told me once he had always loved her, which is why he married her and took on our whole troupe, going on to have two more of his own, Andrew Richard and Philip Andrew Thomas.

Here's a picture I took of Alison and Phil Thomas when they came out for a visit to Oregon in 1998. It was at a reception in honor of their recent marriage.