Friday, November 14, 2014

Maryann Scearce Baby Book Pages 6

Just in time for the holiday's, I have come to grandma Maryann's Christmas pages. She must have been rather bewildered, by her first one, since she was only ten months old.

For her very first Christmas they went to grandma, May Roberts, Matie's mother. She lived in a house on 13th and Cascade Street, in Hood River. It doesn't say if it snowed, but if it did, they could have taken a sleigh ride, out from the farm in Mosier, but most likely by then, they took a car. I'm sure there was a tree, with maybe twinkling lights, or at least old time glass balls, in bright shiny colors.
Here are the gifts, for her very first Christmas, and it looks like Santa, had a lot of friendly elves, who brought her lots of goodies.

1.Mama Doll from Gennedean & Aunt Inez. Gennedean Kress, was the daughter of Aunt Inez, aka, Agnes L. Zimmerman, who married John Jacob Kress, aka Jack. They were niece and sister, to grandma, May Roberts.

2.Gingham Doll from Martell     Martell Marie Rouget, was the daughter of Aunt Carrie, aka Carolyn Ellen Zimmerman, who married Amos Hilary Rouget. Aunt Carrie, was sister to grandma, May Roberts.

3.2 Tinker Dolls. One from Aunt Kate Scearce and one from grandma, May Roberts. Aunt Kate Scearce, was Katherine Lucinda Harlan, and was married to Chester Gregg Scearce, the brother to Harry Marshall Scearce, who was great grandpa, Dick Scearce's father.

4.Stuffed Tommy Cat from Katheryne. this is same as the above, Aunt Kate aka Katherine Lucinda Harlan-Scearce.

5.A rag doll & cat & cups from her grandma & grandpa Scearce.  Harry Marshall Scearce & Anne Elston Krout, whom she lived with in Mosier.

6.Five dollar gold piece from Uncle Bob. Robert John Scearce aka RJ, her daddys older brother.

7.Rompers, garters, shoes, & rattle from Grandma May Roberts.

8.Beautiful dress from Beth, socs from John. Margaret Beth Gorman, daughter of Aunt Tata, aka, Margaretha aka Madge Bridgett Zimmerman, Beth married John Henry Gorman, Sr. Aunt Tata, was sister to grandma, May Roberts. John Henry Gorman, Jr who was five years old at the time, was probably the John, that gave her the socks. No doubt he helped his mother shop for them.

9.Slippers from Tata, same as person mentioned above.

10.Engraved spoon from Uncle John. This must be, John Henry Gorman, Sr same as mentioned above, because tho grandma had two uncle Johns, Uncle John Kress, always went by Jack.

11.Mush bowl from Carolyn. Caroline Roberta Scearce, her daddys only sister.

12.Spoon from Aunt Carrie. Caroline aka Carrie Ellen Zimmerman-Rouget, the same as mentioned above.

13.Fork & Spoon from Ruth, Jean, & Elda. Ruth Filyes, daughter of Aunt Ida Gertrude Zimmerman & Uncle Lou Filyes. Aunt Ida, is again, one of grandma May Roberts, sisters. Jean is Jeanne Murray, daughter of Ruth Filyes, who married Robert Murray. Elda may be a sister to Jeanne, but I have not yet placed her.

14.Blocks & "Taylor Tot" Scooter from Daddy & Mother. Richard aka Dick Gregg Scearce & Wanda Dale Roberts aka Matie.

There is that notorious Taylor Tot Scooter, that gave grandma, her first bump on the head. Now we know, where it came from.

I wonder if all these people, just sent gifts, or if they had a big Christmas party, and all were invited? It would have been nice, if Matie had said, but at least we have a record, of some of the nice aunties, uncles, and cousins, grandma had.

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