Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pizza Party For Friends

          As promised we had a pizza party for our crew, that helped to make the kitchen remodel a success. They of course are not just workers, but some of our dearest friends. Getting to know them has been a real pleasure, and it was such great fun to thank them in this way, for all of their hard work.The kitchen is a dream to work in and Andrew and I made up six pizza's in no time at all. Everything was designed to make the process run smoothly and indeed it did, even with really easy clean up.
         We served two type's of pizza. One was Salame and Canadian Bacon on a garlic pesto tomato sauce, with mushrooms and olives. The other  was chicken with mushroom & olives, on onion basil tomato sauce. I don't know what the Salame/Canadian Bacon one tasted like, but I know for a fact the chicken one was delicious, because I had two pieces.
 Andrew mixing the sauce.
 Me cutting and bagging the mushrooms.
 Six Pizza's rising in their bowls.
 Andrew making another pizza.
 Arlene, John, & Dayton, Vanna in the foreground.
 Arlene, John, Dayton, Bruce, Gregg, & Vanna, enjoying the 1st pizza.
 The party is just getting started.
 Some like it quiet, so we set up a game in the living room.
 Dayton & Vanna's son enjoying a quiet game inside.
 Ricky & Moke with Gregg.
 Moke, Gregg, Ricky, & Vanna. The pizza's just keep coming.
 John, Dayton, Ricky, Patrick, Kika's girl, Kika, Kika's boy, Tita, Moke, Lance, & Vanna holding Patrick's baby boy. They are really talking story now and it is a riot.
 Even the kids were loving the pizza.
 Doesn't Kika's son look precious?! But what happened to all of his darling curls?!
Dayton, Ricky with his grandson. Ricky's son Patrick enjoying his pizza.
 Ricky and his grandson, what a darling baby.
 Such a happy baby, he enjoyed the party too.
 Vanna brought a simply divine cream-cheese pie, with fresh raspberries & blackberries on top.
 Grandpa Ricky & grandson.
Grandpa Ricky & grandson. 

Ricky's wife Karen also came, but sadly I missed getting her picture. She had to work so couldn't come until late. She is great fun, and I was so glad she could make it, even if only for a short time.  
We had such a good time at this party. Everyone was talking story and having a blast.
Mahalo Pia everyone for coming to the party, and for helping with our house, we couldn't have done it without you!

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