Saturday, February 21, 2015

Grandpa Shorty & Sons Playing Basball

These next pictures, are just delightful. They are so heartwarming to look at. We can thank Grandma Lillie, for being such an avid photographer. She captured these wonderful moments, of her boys with their father, and also playing ball alone together. It is something right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, and is so fun, that I smile every time I look at them. I am guessing the years at 1939-40 or so.

This picture tickles me so much, I captioned it, "Waitin' to Play Ball!" Here they are, on a hot summers day, wantin to play ball with their dad, and instead they must stand there, squintin into the sun, until grandma Lillie, gets their picture. None of them seem too pleased about the delay either. I can just hear them sayin, "Come on, take the picture already, will ya?!"

Here we see, Huberts up to bat, Wes is catcher, and Shorty is the pitcher. See grandma's shadow, she's certainly got a good shot with this one. I captioned it, "Waitin for the Pitch."
Notice how tanned grandpa is?! At first glance I thought it was a white sleeveless shirt, he was wearing, instead he has his shirt completely off. It must have been one rare hot day, for North Bend.

I love that they are all wearing baseball-caps too. Tho I think that could be a Cub Scout cap, on Huberts head?!

Here's another round of baseball about to begin. Looks like it could be later in the year, at least the weather may be a bit cooler, as they are more covered up. Hubert is on the left, in the white shirt, and Wes is on the right in the dark shirt. I captioned this one, "Who bats first."

Looks to me like a fair way to determine who goes first, and so saves a lot of squabbles. I'll bet Grandma Lillie came up with that solution. She always was good at coming up with nifty idea's like that, to help us kids get along, so I have no doubt she came up with this one too.

I always appreciated Grandma's sense of fairness. The worst she ever had to threaten me with, was a swat from a fly swatter, if I didn't behave. I thought that was so funny, I was glad to mind her.

Judging by the last picture, I dubbed this one, "Hubert up to bat!"  He's really anticipating knocking it out of the ballpark. See how he's coached up the bat, and is leaning back, ready to give the ball a good whopping?! Too bad the picture isn't a wide shot, so we could see Wes, winding up for the pitch.

These pictures bring back so many good memories, of similar games of baseball, played in our front yard, with step-dad, Richard Thomas. He really enjoyed playing with us kids, and it got to be pretty hilarious, when our big black Newfoundland dog, Pete, tried to play too. At our house, the front porch was home base, and an old fir stump in the yard was first base. Second and third were different bushes in the garden. We didn't have strict rules, and the minute someone tried to run, the dog was on you like a flash. It makes me laugh just remembering it. Those were some good times.

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