Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last Pictures of Wes & Hubert Robison

Maybe it is fitting, that the last pictures I have, of my dad and his brother, Hubert, should be posted on a rainy day like today. The tragedy of Hubert's death, overshadowed their lives, and after these pictures, I don't see another one of my dad, Wes, until he is grown. Now maybe somewhere, there are more pictures, but no more were sent to relatives, that I know of, from this point, until my father was much older. I don't think Grandma Lillie, could bear the sorrow, of taking or sending pictures anymore.

Here is Wes, on the left, and Hubert on the right, with their dog. Looks like he is getting ready to bolt, or at least he won't sit still, so Hubert has practically a death grip on him.

I think Grandpa Shorty, liked Ford pickups, and no doubt this one is red too, for I have another picture, that is of grandpa sitting on his 1952, red, Ford pickup. This truck happens to be a 1941 Ford.
Wes is to the left, with his hands on his hips, hamming it up as usual. I like Grandpa's attempt at looking casual, leaning back against the truck, while Hubert tries to stare down the camera, and is standing with his hands in his pockets.

Like most of our family, when pictures are taken, out in the sun, we squint so much, our eyes nearly disappear. This makes it pretty hard to get a decent picture, so I applaud Grandma Lillie for her efforts.

Starting at the back from left to right: Thomas "Tom" C. Fallis.

Tom Fallis, was married to Bertha Florence Thompson, the daughter of Jessie Clarence Thompson, and Zettie Pearl Beck. Jesse, was the brother of Grandma Lillies father, (our grt. grandpa), Charles Oren Thompson, and Zettie was the sister, to Grandma Lillies mother, (& our grt. grandma), Flossie Beck. Making Bertha Thompson-Fallis, Grandma Lillies, double 1st cousin, and Tom, double 1st cousin in-law.

On the right in back, is Grandpa Shorty Robison. In front on left, is Wes, and on right in front, is Hubert.

This picture was taken in the summer of 1944, and is the last known picture of Hubert, before his accident, in October of that same year. It was taken when Tom and Bertha came out for a visit, to grandma & grandpa's place, on the Cedar Falls Road, in Washington, from their home in Oklahoma.

I may be wrong, but I believe the house in the background, was the little house, that 1/2 uncle, Edwin Knickerbocker, and wife, 1/2 aunt, Clarice Lee-Knickerbocker, lived in at one point, when they were out here from Missouri, and before they lived in Snoqualmie, where their daughter, Sharon was born. The house looks like the same one, that sat just over the fence from our house, on the lower Cedar Falls Road.

Grandma Lillie told me, that at one time, Edwin & Clarice, lived next door to them, on the Cedar Falls Road, in a little tiny house. So it may be safe to assume, this one is it. They were Grandpa Shorties half brother & wife, who came out West, for a few years, but didn't stay, and returned to their home town of Doniphan, Ripley Co., Missouri.  Since they were married in 1941 in Ripley Co., Missouri, and dau., Sharon was born in 1947 in Snoqualmie, than they must have lived in that little house, sometime, between 1941 - 47. More on them later.

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