Thursday, January 28, 2016

Boy's In Dresses - A Family Synopsis

As I was scanning family photo's, I was amazed by the amount of young boys in the family, in cute little dresses. As was the habit in our society for many decades, boys were put into dresses, the same as little girls. This makes for a real challenge for genealogists, who try to identify the children in their photo's. Many make the mistake of thinking it is a little girl in the photo, when in fact it is a little boy.
Our first picture is of grandma Maryann Scearces grandpa, Harry Marshall Scearce. He was born in 1865 during the Civil War, in Fort Marshall, Maryland, because his father was the Surgeon running the Hospital there. This picture was taken c.1865-66.
This is Harry's eldest son, Robert John Scearce, aka "RJ. He was born in Noblesville, Indiana in 1896. This picture was taken in 1899.
This is Harry's second child, Richard Gregg Scearce, aka "Dick", He too was born in Noblesville, Indiana in 1898. The picture was taken at the same time as his older brothers and in the same studio, in 1899. This is grandma Maryann's father.
Here is grt. grandpa, Dick Scearce, again. The picture was taken in 1900
Here is a very sweet picture of RJ and Dick Scearce in 1903.
This is a picture of grandma, Maryann Scearce's mother, Wanda Dale Roberts and only brother, Steven Forest Roberts. This was taken in Edgar, Wisconsin. Wanda, aka "Dale", aka "Matie", was born there in 1900, and her brother, Steven, aka "Forie", in 1902. The picture was taken in 1904.
We jump now to grandpa, Daniel Autrey Hanners side of the family. This is a photo of his grandparents, Franklin Ferdinand Hanners, aka "Ferd", and wife, America Laura Elizabeth Atkinson, aka Laura, and grandpa's aunt Birdie Elizabeth Hanners, and his father, Daniel Gladstone Hanners, aka "Glad." His father is leaning against his mothers knee. Picture taken in Doniphan, Missouri c.1898-99.
While we are on the Atkinsons, this is a baby picture of Laura's brother Charles William Atkinson. Picture taken in Doniphan, Missouri in 1878.
This is Charles Peace Atkinson, the son of the previous Charles. It was taken in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1913.
This is Daniel Morgan Atkinson, Jr. first cousin to the baby in the previous picture, and son of John Morgan Atkinson, Sr., another brother of Laura Atkinson. This picture was taken in Doniphan, Missouri in 1913.
Here is possibly Daniel Autrey Hanners, but could be a picture of his younger brother, Thomas Wright Hanners. It dates from 1921 - 1926.
This one is certainly grandpa Dan Hanners. He is in Doniphan, Missouri. Picture taken in 1922.
This is Claiborne Gladstone Hanners, grandpa's older brother, and grandpa, Daniel Autrey Hanners, in Doniphan, Missouri. It was taken in 1924. It is one of the last known pictures of Claiborne, for sadly he died of diptheria that same year.
Jumping now to my family. This is my grandpa, Gerald Dawson Robison, aka "Shorty". He was born in Doniphan, Missouri in 1909. The picture was taken in 1910.
This is Gerald again in 1911-12.
This is Gerald again in 1911-12 with his mother, Nellie Mae Ponder-Robison. This picture is probably taken in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. They moved there soon after my grandpa was born because his father, Lester Ernest Robison, was a railroad engineer out of the depot there.

Thus ends the overview of our boys in dresses, I hope that you've enjoyed it. Now when you go looking at old photo's just remember, that darling little girl in dress and curls, may be someones grandpa.

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