Monday, January 11, 2016

Grandma Maryann Scearce-Hanners 1920's Dolly Quilt

Today while sorting our my linens and things, I came across this adorable quilt which belonged to grandma, Maryann Scearce-Hanners. According to her baby book, and what she told me, this blanket was made for her by her grandma, May Zimmerman-Roberts, and given to her on her very first Christmas, (Dec 25, 1924), for her dollies. It measures 22" x 29", and is made of a very light rayon-silk fabric, pale green on one side and pale pink on the other, with a very thin inner layer of cotton batting.

Here is a nice picture of grt. grt. grandma May, aka Mary Ann Zimmerman-Roberts, that made grandma's baby doll quilt.
Here is a picture of grandma, Maryann Scearce, in the arms of her father, Richard "Dick" Gregg Scearce.
She is ten months old, which puts this picture in December of 1924, about the time she received this quilt.
The picture was taken in Hood River, Oregon, tho she and her family were still living in Mosier.
Maybe this was taken near Grandma Mays house, at 13th and Cascade, in Hood River?
This is the front which is green. It is hard to see the pattern, but you can just see the two bunnies on each side of the palm tree, in the very center.
The back as you can see is very pale pink, and the pattern even harder to see. I shall put up closeups so that you can see the pattern a bit better.
In this closeup you can see, a floral pattern goes all around the edge of the quilt, which is sweetly scalloped.
Grt. grt. grandma certainly did delightful stitch work.
Here is a closeup of the center front of the quilt. Aren't those bunnies just darling?!
 With these last two pictures I thought I would try a different light, in hopes the stitching would show up clearer.
 If I can make a good pattern of this, I hope to make a copy of this cute little quilt in the future, as I think it is just darling.

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