Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easters From Yesteryear

Today is Easter and I thought it a perfect time to take a little journey to yesteryear and share a few pictures of Holly and Gregg having an Easter Egg hunt or two at their Grandpa and Grandma Scearce's house on Belmont Road in Hood River. These pictures must have been circa 1954-56.

 Holly & Gregg with their grandma's brother, Uncle Steve Roberts.
Their grt. grandma, May Zimmerman-Roberts on the left and their mother, Maryann Scearce-Hanners on the right. Gregg & Holly in the middle. Can you see their baby bunny?
Here is grt. grandma cut off, but Holly is seen with a better sight of the bunny and dad, Dan Hanners and mother, Maryann. Isn't that a nice view of the yard and orchard?!
Holly with her dad enjoying the tiny bunny rabbit, which Gregg is coming to see.
 Looks like Holly is going away to see the baby duck and left her dad holding the bunny.
Here they are admiring the baby duck. Dad, Holly, Gregg and this time their grandpa, Dick Scearce.
Isn't that a darling little duck?!
 Gregg almost looks like he is giving it a kiss. He sure looks happy.
 Looks like Holly isn't sure if she wants to get close to it or not?!
Here's a good one with Dad, Mom, Gregg, and the duck. That must have been a fun Easter.
 As you can see this is a few years later, at yet another Easter at the grand-folks house. Looks like grandpa, Dick Scearce is peeking from behind Gregg and Holly. They have some nice baskets full of eggs too.
Here are the two a few years older. I wonder whose idea it was to get their picture taken with the scary man in a rabbit costume?! This is one of those pictures that could scar you for life. Gregg looks relieved that the rabbit has grabbed Holly and not him and poor Holly looks like she is just waiting to run.

These pictures sure bring back lots of memories of Easter out at the Orchard and all those fun egg hunts we put on for the kids. Remember the year Dads guinea fowl went around and pecked holes in all of the eggs we hid, so Mom went and bought plastic ones and filled them with chocolate eggs instead?! Or the year Mom rented baby bunnies from the pet store just for the day, so all the kids could enjoy them?! I'll never forget those fun times and all of those lovely Easter dinners with the family all gathered together.

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