Sunday, June 14, 2015

Farm of Gottfried Zimmermann

 Just when I thought, I didn't have any pictures of Gottfried and Caroline Zimmermann, I came across these.
They are rather poorly enlarged copies, and are not the originals, but they will have to do.

                                     This is Dorothea Caroline Thieme, wife of Gottlfried Zimmermann.

This is Gottfried Friedrich Zimmermann.  They do look rather grim, don't they?! They were devout Lutherans.

This is the Gottfried Friedrich Zimmermann Farm near Wilson, Sheyboygan Co., Wisconsin. You may have noticed the two n's on the end of his name. This is how the name was originally spelled, but somewhere along the line, they dropped the second n.

Gottfried Friedrich Zimmermann was born November 20, 1799 in Gruenrade, Brandenburg, Prussia, and died March 16, 1873 in Wilson Township, Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin.  He married Dorothea Caroline Thieme March 16, 1825.  She was born March 11, 1806 in Gruenrade and died October 23, 1885 in Wilson Township, Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin. She was known by her middle name of Caroline.

Most of Gottfried's & Caroline's children, were also born in the city of Gruenrade. That part of Germany was given over to Poland, after World War II.

According to a profile of their son Frederick, Gottfried was a shepherd in Germany. However, Gottfried's application for emigration states that he was a lawman. Gottfried was given permission, to emigrate with his family, in March of 1848.

According to his son's profile and the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center, Gottfried and his family left Germany in 1848 on the sailing vessel "Howard", commanded by Capt. Paulsen. After more than a 5-week voyage, they landed at the port of New York. The family traveled the Hudson River to Albany New York, then to Buffalo by train, and then by boat on the Great Lakes to Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin. The trip from New York to Wisconsin took 15 days.

The family settled on a farm in Wilson Township, Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin, purchasing a quarter-section of land. Two years later they added 120 acres to the original farm. The picture above, is of that farm. It was in the personal papers of Wanda Dale Roberts, "aka" Dale Roberts-Scearce, aka "Grandma Matie." The grt. granddaughter of Gottfried and Caroline Zimmermann.

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