Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pictorial Stroll Up The Family Tree Cont...

We continue on with our stroll up the family tree, with more pictures of the Roberts home in Edgar, Wisconsin.
Here is one in the side yard of the home in Edgar. It is of Dale, and her younger brother Stephen. Looks like she is wearing glasses, and holding a Teddy Bear. She told me, about how she worked in her Grandpa Zimmerman's garden, pulling bugs off the plants, and dropping them into a can of kerosene. Her grandpa is actually in the far right of the picture, but he moved, so is too blurry to see. Plus the cameraman cut him in half.

Matie also told me, she used to cross this bridge, when she was young, with a bucket, to fetch home beer for her Grandpa Zimmerman, from a tavern in the town. You can see her house. It is the first one on the right.
The lady with the young child, is not identified, but is probably Grandma May, with Dale aka Matie.

As the caption says, this is another view of S.B. Roberts home, in Edgar, Wisconsin.  Her grandpa, William Frederick Zimmerman is the man standing there. I don't know what the dogs name was?!

Here is a fine portrait of  her father, Stephen Benedict Roberts. It must have been in a very fine frame at one time, but suffered severe moisture damage, and is in one no longer. Fortunately the damage, is only around the edges.

I believe this portrait, of William Frederick Zimmerman, was taken at about the same time, as the one above, and by the same photographer. We know it was taken prior to Stephens death in 1904. It too has suffered water damage around its edges, and is no longer in its frame. Why his isn't colorized, I don't know?!

This is a very small tintype of Aunt Carrie Zimmerman, and her younger sister, on the right, our Grandma May. Carolyne sometimes spelled Caroline, aka Carrie Ellen Zimmerman, was born September 2, 1861, in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. She was the eldest of  the 10 children, born to William Frederick Zimmerman & Bridget Bowe.

Bridgett Bowe, was born November 25, 1842 in Dublin, Ireland, and came with her mother from Ireland, about 1852. They came on a ship to New York Harbor, then went to catch a train to Wisconsin, for her mother already had family, living near Beaver Dam. While waiting on the train, Bridgett's mother felt rather ill, so Bridget got off the train, and went back into the depot, to search for some tea, for her mother. When she returned, the train had switched to another track, and she was lost. She said, " I got down on my knees, and prayed, and God directed me to the right coach, and I found mother."

I have not been able, in my research to date, to figure out who the mother of Bridgett Bowe was?! I do know that Bridgett was a devout Catholic. So all of her six girls, were raised Catholic. However, her husband was a Lutheran, so the four boys, were raised Lutheran. Not long after the youngest child was born, in 1881, Bridgett came down with Tuberculosis. In the last few years of her life, she was too ill to attend Mass. When she died, June 10, 1887, in Birnamwood, Shawano Co., Wisconsin, the local Parish Priest, would not allow her, to be buried in the Catholic Cemetery, because she had not attended Mass. This angered her daughters so much, they left the Catholic Church, never to return. When the family moved to Edgar Wisconsin, they had her disinterred, and took her with them, and had her reburied in the cemetery in Edgar.

This tintype of William Frederick Zimmerman was taken in the early 1860's. He fought in the Civil War, as a Union soldier. He was born March 1, 1837 in Stettin, Germany - now Szczecin, Poland, since WW II. He was the son of, Gottfried Zimmermann of Prussia, who emigrated with his wife, Caroline Friedrich Thieme, and their children, to Milwaukie, Wisconsin, in 1848. They had 9 children.

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