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Pictorial Stroll Up The Family Tree Cont...

We continue on with our stroll up the family tree, with more pictures of the Roberts home in Edgar, Wisconsin.
Here is one in the side yard of the home in Edgar. It is of Dale, and her younger brother Stephen. Looks like she is wearing glasses, and holding a Teddy Bear. She told me, about how she worked in her Grandpa Zimmerman's garden, pulling bugs off the plants, and dropping them into a can of kerosene. Her grandpa is actually in the far right of the picture, but he moved, so is too blurry to see. Plus the cameraman cut him in half.
Matie also told me, she used to cross this bridge, when she was young, with a bucket, to fetch home beer for her Grandpa Zimmerman, from a tavern in the town. You can see her house. It is the first one on the right.
The lady with the young child, is not identified, but is probably Grandma May, with Dale aka Matie.
As the caption says, this is another view of S.B. Roberts home, in Edgar, Wisconsin.  Her grandpa, William Frederick Zimmerman is the man standing there. I don't know what the dogs name was?!
Here is a fine portrait of  her father, Stephen Benedict Roberts. It must have been in a very fine frame at one time, but suffered severe moisture damage, and is in one no longer. Fortunately the damage, is only around the edges.
This portrait of Matie's grandpa,William Frederick Zimmerman, was taken at about the same time, as the one above, and by the same photographer. We know it was taken prior to Stephens death in 1904. It too has suffered water damage around its edges, and is no longer in its frame. Why his isn't colorized, I don't know?!
This is a very small tintype of Aunt Carrie Zimmerman, and her younger sister, on the right, our Grandma Mary Ann aka May. Carolyn sometimes spelled Caroline, aka Carrie Ellen Zimmerman, was born Sep 2, 1861, in Beaver Dam, Dodge co., Wisconsin. She was the eldest of  the 10 children, born to William Frederick Zimmerman & Bridget Bowe.
According to the family bible, Bridget Bowe, was born November 25, 1842 in Dublin, Ireland, and came with her mother, Margaret Bowe from Ireland, in 1856. They came on the packet ship, William Taspscott, from Liverpool, England to New York Harbor, then caught a train to Wisconsin, for her mother already had family living near Beaver Dam, Dodge co., Wisconsin. This relative I believe to be John Bowe, possible brother or cousin to Margaret's husband, tho no other records aside from the ships list below have yet been found concerning Bridget's mother Margaret.

This story was told to me by her grt. granddaughter, our Gandma Matie: While in New York, waiting on the train, Bridget's mother felt rather ill, so Bridget got off the train, and went back into the depot, to search for some tea for her. When she returned, the train had switched to another track and she was lost, and could not find the train. Bridget fell to her knee's and prayed and God directed her to the right coach, and she found her mother. Grandma Matie always said Bridget was ten at the time, but the ships records show that she was actually fourteen. Grandma Matie also said that Bridget had a beautiful voice and was known for her singing and was one of the first persons to sing the Star Spangled Banner in Ireland, and was known in some circle's as the Jenny Lind of Ireland. Tho I have searched, I have been unable to find any records concerning Bridget and her mother Margaret in Ireland. Nor have I been able to find any record of who her father was?!
This is a painting of the packet ship, William Tapscott that brought Margaret and Bridget Bowe to New York Harbor. James B. Bell was the ships master at the time of their arrival on February 16, 1856.
Here is the front page of the ships passenger list showing which ship they sailed on, the date of arrival, the name of the ship, where it sailed from, and its master.
Here is the page showing Magaret and Bridget Bowe. What surprised me is that they did not sail steerage but were able to pay for a better level of accommodation, tho not first cabin. No father is listed. So he probably died prior to their sailing, somewhere in Ireland, for if he had died enroute he would have been on the ships manifest as having done so.

Bridget was a devout Catholic and a story has come down in the family that all of her six girls, were raised Catholic. However, her husband was a Lutheran, so the four boys, were raised Lutheran. Not long after the youngest child was born, in 1881, Bridget came down with tuberculosis. In the last few years of her life, she was too ill to attend Mass. When she died June 10, 1887, in Birnamwood, Shawano Co., Wisconsin, the local parish priest, would not allow her to be buried in the Catholic cemetery, because she had not attended Mass. This angered her daughters so much, they left the Catholic church never to return. I have, since doing the family genealogy, run across Zimmerman sons who were Catholic, so I do not know how true this story is?! It just came down through Grandma Matie, so I thought I would include it here. When the family moved from Birnamwood to Edgar, Wisconsin, they had Bridget disinterred, and took her with them, and had her reburied in the Catholic cemetery in Edgar.
This tintype of William Frederick Zimmerman was taken in the 1860's. He fought in the Civil War, as a Union soldier, and served as a Private in Co., I, 5th Reg., Wisconsin Vol. Inf. & (New) Co. B 5th Reg. Wisconsin Vol. Inf. from 1861-1865.

Born March 1, 1837 in Stettin, Germany - now Szczecin, Poland, since WW II. He was the son of, Gottfried Zimmermann and Dorothea Caroline Thieme, and came with his parents and siblings to Milwaukie, Wisconsin, in 1848. He was a shoe maker by trade and for many years lived in the home of his daughter,  Grt. Grandma May Roberts aka Mary Ann Zimmerman who had married Stephen Benedict Roberts above.
This is the Confirmation record of Wilhelm Zimmermann aka our William Frederick Zimmerman. As you can see it is written in German. I have translated the first of it as best I can.

Original Memorial the date of Confirmation for Wilhelm Zimmermann born the 1st March 1837 confirmed the 9th April 1854 in the Church in Sheyboygan.

Thinking demanding 1 Corinthians 16 : 13
Be watchful, stand firm in the belief, act like a man, and be strong.

I do not know German and used Google to decipher this, up to this point. If someone can give me a better translation in its entirety it would be most welcome.
This was among Grandma Matie's personal papers inherited from her daughter, Maryann Scearce-Hanners.
This is the marriage record of William Zimmermann & Bridget Bowe.
It reads: Beaverdam, Wis. November 30, 1859
This is to testify that I have examined Mr. William Zimmermann on oath & find no legal impediment to his marrying Miss Bridget Bowe of Beaverdam City and that today I have married them according to the rites of our holy Mother the Roman Catholic church. Attest my name
Frank T C Shroudenback
Pastor of St. Mary's at Beaverdam.
These pages are from Mary Ann Zimmerman-Roberts' bible, (aka Grt. Grandma May Roberts) She wore this bible out reading it, for she was a deeply religious and wonderful Christian woman. Only these pages remain and they were tucked into her huge family bible, that was given to her grt. grandson, Daniel Gregg Hanners in 1975, by her daughter, Wanda Dale Roberts-Scearce aka Grandma Matie.
This page documents the death of her father, William Frederick Zimmerman which occurred December 24, 1926 in Hood River, Hood River Co., Oregon, at the home of Grt. Grandma May Zimmerman-Roberts.
It reads:
Funeral of William Zimmerman Sunday - handwriting- Hood River, Or Dec 24, 1926
Funeral services were held at the English Lutheran church Sunday for William Frederick Zimmerman, 89 and native of Germany, whose death occurred at the apartment of his daughter, Mrs. May Roberts, Friday night.
The pastor, Rev. P. Hilgendorf, officiated, and interment followed at Idlewilde cemetery. (Hood River, Or)
Mr. Zimmerman, who spent most of his life in Wisconsin, came to Hood River 13 years ago. The following other children survive; Mrs. Amos ("Carrie") Rauget (Rouget), of Hood River; Mrs. Ida (Lou) Filyes, of Madison, Wis; Mrs. J.J. (John Jacob "Jack") ("Inez") Kress of Los Angeles, Calif; G. H. (George Henry) Zimmerman of Chicago, Illinois; Mrs. J.H. (John Henry) "Madge" "Tanta" Gorman of Walla Walla, Wash; and Albert "Allie" Zimmerman, of Antigo, Wis.
I have added corrections in brackets, ( ), showing their names and that of their spouses.
This one documents the names of  her husband, Stephen Benedict Roberts' family, and her own Zimmermann sisters and brother. She must have written it about 1891 for their ages to be right.
It reads:
I. Roberts 75  Thomas Isaac Roberts b.May 22, 1816 Bryn Isa, Denbigh, Denbighshire,Wales
Margret Roberts 70 Margaret Salisbury b.Dec 9, 1822 Henllan, Denbighshire,Wales
John Roberts 38 John Salisbury Roberts b.May 6, 1853 Liverpool, England
Will Roberts 35 William Henry Roberts b.Jan 3, 1856 West Port, Dane co., Wisconsin
S.B. Roberts 34 Stephen Benedict Roberts b.Jun 25, 1858 West Port, Dane co., Wisconsin
Maggie J. Roberts 31 Margaret "Maggie" Jane Roberts b. Mar 18, 1860 Mazomanie, Dane co., Wisconsin
Thos. I. Roberts 28 Thomas Isaac Roberts, Jr. b.Oct 25, 1861 Dane co., Wisconsin
Annie Roberts 27  Catherine  Anne "Annie" Roberts b.Feb 1863 Cross Plains, Dane co., Wisconsin
This list was written about 1896 for the ages to be correct.
Carrie R 35 Carolyn "Carrie" Ellen Zimmermann b.Sep 2, 1861 Beaver Dam, Dodge co., Wisconsin she m.Amos Hilary Rouget
May R 33  Mary "May"Ann Zimmermann b.Aug 31, 1863 Birnamwood, Shawano co., Wisconsin she
m.Stephen Benedict Roberts same as above.
Fred Z 30 Frederick "Fred" C. Zimmermann b.Aug 24, 1866 Sheyboygan, Wisconsin
Will Z  28 William "Willie" Niclous Zimmermann b.Nov 12, 1868 Sheyboygan, Wisconsin
Agnes Z 26  Agnes "Inez" L. Zimmermann b.Nov 1, 1870 Sheyboygan, Wisconsin
Ida F 23  Ida Gertrude Zimmermann b.Mar 6, 1872 Sheyboygan, Wisconsin m.Lou Filyus
Henry Z 21 George Henry Zimmermann b.Oct 14, 1874 Sheyboygan, Wisconsin
Maggie Z 18 Margeretha "Madge" "Tanta" Bridget Zimmermann b.Apr 25, 1878 Sheyboygan, Wisconsin
Allie 15  Albert "Allie" Rockins Zimmermann b.Jan 22, 1881 Sheyboygan, Wisconsin
NOTE: the only child not on this list is: Alicia Elizabeth Zimmermann b.Oct 31, 1871 Sheyboygan, Wisconsin. Nothing else is known about her.
This page documents her marriage to Stephen Benedict Roberts and also the marriage of Henry Zimmerman and the death of William ("Willie") Zimmerman it reads:
S.B. Roberts Born in Wesport Dane co., Wisconsin the 25th of June 1858 and married the 3rd of July 1884
Married to Miss Mary Zimmerman Died Feb 6th 1904. S.B. Roberts was born in Westport, Wis., not Wesport as she has spelled it.
Henry Zimmerman Born 14th Oct 1874  Married 15th Oct 1902 to Miss Kathleen Schmehl. This is George Henry Zimmermann as seen above, he married Katherine "Kitty" Schmehl.
Wm. Zimmerman Died Oct 5th 1906. This is William "Willie" Niclous Zimmermann as seen above.
This page is another list of the births of the Zimmerman children of Frederick & Bridget Bowe-Zimmerman, so I will not repeat it, as it is the same a above.
This is another repeat of Henry, Maggie's, and Allie Zimmerman's births. As I have already done the list of these children above, I will not repeat them here.
This first clipping is a recording of the death of Mary Ann Zimmerman's oldest sister, Carrie's first born child. His name was not Rogers as the newspaper mistakenly printed it, but was Chester A. Rouget the son of Amos Rouget and Carolyn, sometimes spelled Caroline, Zimmerman. They were living in Chicago, Illinois at that time. The clipping reads:
Died Oct 15, 1885 at 4017 Dearborn street, of pneumonia, Chester A. Rogers (Rouget), baby boy of Amos and Carrie Rogers (Rouget) aged fifteen months. Funeral services at the house, 2 p.m. to-day. The remains will be taken to Oakwoods. (He was buried at Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois)

Next in handwriting: Stephen Roberts died Feb 6, 1904 and is a repeat of the death of Grt. Grandma May's, aka Mary Ann Zimmerman's husband, Stephen Benedict Roberts.

The next clipping is that of Bridget Bowe-Zimmerman, it reads:
Died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. S.B. Roberts, Mrs. Zimmerman, beloved wife of Wm. Zimmerman, of Birnamwood, aged 45 years. She was taken to her home for interment, the funeral taking place on Monday.
In hand writing it says: 10th of June 1887 Mrs. Wm. Zimmerman
In margin it reads: Bridget Bowe, Tuberculosis. 
NOTE: Grt. Grandma May married Stephen Benedict Roberts Jul 2, 1884 in Clintonville, Waupaca co., Wisconsin. Her mother Bridget died three years later at her home. I do not know for sure if they were living in Clintonville at that time, or if they had moved to Pelican Lake or Edgar? Bridget was taken back home to Birnamwood and buried there, but later as I have stated before she was removed and reburied in the Edgar Catholic cemetery when the family moved there.

Last handwritten note: Willie Zimmerman died Oct 5. 1906 This is a repeat of  William "Willie" Niclous Zimmermann as seen above.

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