Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pictorial Trip Up The Family Tree

Today being a drizzly day, I thought I would take some time, to go on a little pictorial trip, up the family tree.
I thought I would start with Great Grandpa, Richard Gregg Scearce, aka Dick, and wife, Wanda Dale Roberts, aka Matie.

Here is a picture of Dick, about the year 1918. This was taken when he was in college, at the University of Oregon, in Eugene. Dick was born November 20, 1898 in Noblesville, Hamilton Co., Indiana, to Harry Marshall Scearce & Anne Elston Krout. But we are not going up his tree yet.

This is grt. grandma Matie, as she was known to family, but was know as Dale by all others. She was born Wanda Dale Roberts, March 31, 1900 in Edgar, Marathon Co., Wisconsin to Stephen Benedict Roberts, & Mary Ann Zimmerman, aka May or Mae.

Tragedy stuck her family when she was very young. Her father dying after surgery, for a bleeding ulcer, in 1904. Her mother, along with her grandfather, William Frederick Zimmerman, came on the train, first to Eugene, Oregon about 1913, and then to Hood River, Oregon, in 1914. Encouraged to do so by her older sister, Caroline, aka Carrie, whose husband Amos Rouget, was helping in the building of the Power Dam, at that time.

This is her mother, Mary Ann Zimmerman-Roberts, who was known lovingly as, Grandma May, sometimes spelled Mae. She was born, August 31, 1863 in Birnhamwood, Shawano County, Wisconsin to William Frederick Zimmerman & Bridget Bowe.

When her husband died in 1904, he left a very prosperous business, yet the loss of him was too much for Grandma May, and she had to go into a sanatorium for a while. Her children, Dale and Stephen, were taken in by relatives. This made Dale a very sad, and angry child. I do not know how long May was in the sanatorium, but Dale was 13, when the family took the train out West. She did not like this change either, as she had to leave most of her family, and all of her friends behind in Edgar.

This is Grandma Mays husband, Stephen Benedict Roberts. He was born, July 25, 1858 in Westport, Dane County, Wisconsin to Thomas Isaac Roberts b.May 22, 1816 in Bryn Isa, Denbigh, Denbighshire, Wales & Margaret Jane Salasbury aka Maggie b.December 09, 1822 in Henllan, Denbighshire, Wales.
Thomas & Maggie Roberts were married at St. Davids Church, November 9, 1851 in Liverpool, England. Their first born son, John was born there in 1853, but in 1854, they took ship from Liverpool, and emigrated to Wisconsin.

This is Mary Ann Zimmerman & Stephen Benedict Roberts, possibly on their wedding day, which took place, July 2, 1884 in Clintonville, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Stephen was a man of some prestige in the towns of Pelican Lake, where he was Post Master, and Edgar, where he was a Town Councilman, and business owner, where he was a partner of C.C. Delong, in a drygoods store.

Here is an interior shot of his store.
Here is an exterior shot of the old store. Grandma May, is on the far left, and her daughter Dale, is next. The two women, are not identified, but are most likely a couple of Mays sisters. The man so dark, you can barely discern him, is Mays father, William F. Zimmerman. He has his hands in his pockets. The other two men, are also unknown, but are most likely family of some sort.

NOTE: Ben Straubs date for this photo is incorrect, for Matie identified herself, as the girl in this photo, and her mother to her left, and Grandpa Zimmerman to her right.  The picture must have been taken c.1911 -13.

This is the new brick store, that was built in 1900. The old store was not sold, but used for overflow, and storage.

This is the home of S.B. Roberts & Grandma May Zimmerman-Roberts, in Edgar, Wisconsin. It is also the house that Matie spent her childhood in. I do not know who the girl in the hat is, but the girl in the middle in Matie, and the little boy next to her, is her younger brother, Stephen Forest Roberts, aka Forrie. I believe the person standing and waving, in the window, is Grandma May.

Another view of the home in Edgar, Wisconsin.
Interior view of the home in Edgar.
Another interior view of Maties childhood home.
As you can see, they were people of wealth and standing in their community. It must have been very hard, for them, to leave Edgar, and move West. At least they didn't have to do it by wagon train.

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Ron Johnson said...

Thank you for the narrative about S.B. Roberts. I am writing a book about the pioneers of Tomahawk, Wisconsin, which was founded in 1887. A newspaper account of August 13, 1887 says, "S.B. Roberts is opening large grocery on Tomahawk Avenue." Is there any information to show that he did open a store in Tomahawk for a period of time? The Polk's Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1888-89 does not list a business in his name. If he was in Tomahawk, it was apparently for less than two years. Is it possible he was there between the time he left Pelican Lake and appeared in Edgar?
Thanks again for helping me fill in the narrative of the pioneers. It is often difficult to figure out someone's identity when contemporary accounts offer only their initials.

Ron Johnson