Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blaine Gerald Robison

For Wes & Yvonne Robison, a second child, soon burst upon the scene. I say this, because it has been said of my eldest brother, that he practically hit the ground running. He wasn't much of a crawler, but preferred instead, to just take off walking. He was born, September 8, 1953.

Looks to me as if he was attempting to perfect, the great art of crawling here.

He has graduated from crawling, to welding.

I see he was also into tricycle repair, something he no doubt, is still doing to this day. Tho it probably has something like a Harley engine attached. Like his dad, he loves all things mechanical.
Here Blaine sits, with older sister Angie, all dressed up nice, like they are going off somewhere. So why the dirt pile, one wonders?! I do remember a dirt pile, actually several in our yard, which we kids loved to play, "King of the Hill", on. I wonder if they ever tried to eat some of it, like I did? I can tell you it didn't taste good. Bad texture, and too much grit.

We used to call him Blainey Boy, which sometimes made him mad. With a cute face like that, how could you resist?!

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