Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cheri Kay Robison

Third, but not the last in the line up, came Cheri. Teasingly referred to as, "Cheri Tay Tay Bird", or " Moms little brown eyed girl." Petite she was, and petite she would always remain. She was born, January 18, 1953.

Here she is with older brother Blaine. It looks like the sun was a bit bright that day, and in her eyes, but she's not howling about it.

I wonder what that crazy looking bit of machinery is, in the back ground? It seems to be the same one, that was in one of the earlier pictures. At least now we know it was red.

Dad was forever tearing things apart, and rebuilding them, both for himself, and other people. I think our yard, must have looked like a vehicle graveyard, to put it politely. Grandma did say, when he died, they hauled truck loads of stuff to the dump.

 Here's that same sad trike, Blaine was working on earlier. I think the thing, would make a very fun piece of vintage garden decor today, but for riding back then, it must have been treacherous. It begs the question, is this a, "hand me down", from a relative, or did the oldest kids ride it to death? It's a sure cinch, it was no where to be seen, by the time I was old enough to ride one. A thing like that, a kid would remember. It looks like a child's torture device.

The fact is, I don't remember ever having a trike. I do remember riding one of the neighbors, that lived up the street from Uncle Harry & Aunt Ella Gensons, in Snoqualmie. It was a fantastic thing, with bright shiny chrome handlebars, and red & white paint. Later, when we came to live with the maternal grandparents, in the little cottage, behind Harry and Ella's, I remember having a little bicycle, that I truly adored. It was bright blue and just my size. It came to a sudden and bitter end, when Mom backed over it with her car, in their driveway one day, and mangled it, beyond repair.
 How it came to be laying behind her car, when I distinctly remember, putting it up beside the house, is one of those childhood mysteries, that has always left me puzzled?!  Who borrowed my bike, and left it there to be run over?! Whoever it was, I'd like to thank them, for the undeserved spanking I got, as a result. (total sarcasm here)  Not bitter you understand, just remembering.

As I said above, Cheri was third in the lineup. Her she is, helping her big brother, Blaine, push the twins, Linda Lee, & Lesa Lin., in their new stroller.
 I found out, contrary to what I was told as a child, that dad did not invent this, or make it out of two strollers. It was a stroller, that could be purchased, and assembled, as a kit. I have seen pictures on the net of this, and I think the guy who did invent it, was truly clever.

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