Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wesley Gerald Robison & Yvonne Mary Genson On Their Wedding Day

I would like to be one of those kids, who could tell dreamy tales, of the day her parents were married, complete with black tale coats, and long white veils. The truth is, I know next to nothing about it. These few pictures survive of that day, and I am guessing that Grandma Lillie took them, as they were taken in her front yard, on the lower Cedar Falls Rd, near North Bend, Washington.

What little I do know, is that Dad began dating Mom sometime in the early fifties. She was the younger sister, of his best friend, Albert "Al" Genson. He was 21, and she was16, when they married, but they had known each other, for years, growing up in the Snoqualmie Valley. I don't know if they just couldn't afford a wedding, or if it was sort of a shotgun affair?! According to Grandma Lillie,  they went to Renton, Washington, to the Court House, and went before the Justice of the Peace. Since grandma was one of the witnesses on their certificate, I will take her word for it. All I can say, is that it didn't sound a bit romantic.

They do look happy tho, and Mom looks pretty cute. I wonder if she was sad because she didn't get a proper wedding? If she was, she sure wasn't showing it, in this picture.

I don't know about you, but it must have been love, because if my guy showed up, in a monster t-shirt like that one, and expected me, to just lope off to some Justice of the Peace. I would have given him, "What for!"

The more I look at these two pictures, the more I realized that one of them is reversed. The photography place, must have reversed the negative or something. How else would you get Moms hair parted on two sides, and whatever that broach like object she is wearing, has switched sides too?! This was a common problem with photography.  I forgot to say, they were married December 30, 1951.

It wasn't long, before the first bundle of joy came along. Angelina Marie, better known as Angie.
Now isn't she having a screaming good time?! Ah, the joy of new parenting! I sure don't miss all those 3 a.m. feedings, babies smelly diapers, and all the rest of it. Cute as babies may be, they are a lot of work. Anyway, Angie was born, August 19, 1953, and was her fathers delight. Tho at first, probably mostly when she was asleep...

Here are two of the same picture, I thought cropping it a bit might help. This is Wes, with his dad, Grandpa Shorty, on the porch steps of the house, on the lower Cedar Falls Rd. Grandpa is holding Angie.
Something certainly had caught their eye, but since their isn't another picture showing what, your guess is as good as mine.

All that stacked slab wood, reminds me of the endless slivers, my twin sister and I used to get, stacking that nasty red fir. Looks like grandpa and grandma, used the same stuff in their stove, as we did. They look just like the mill ends, that we got from Tanner Mill.

This picture shows where the original door opening was too. Later grandma enclosed the porch, and moved the door to the right hand side. I always thought it was funny as a kid, that her sidewalk ended in the middle of her front wall. Now it is plain to see why.

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