Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Twins - Linda & Lesa Robison

Now there's a title, we both sometimes hated. The true identity eraser. TWIN
My sister and I, sometimes felt like we were on parade. If nothing else was going on at a party or get together, mom could always bring out the twins. It was like being a side show, or being a part of a penny dreadful. I didn't much mind, one way or the other, but my sister didn't like it a bit. One can hardly blame her, since I was usually found in a state of clothing malfunction, or disrepair. She prided herself in her appearance, and I prided myself, in how many tree's I could climb.

It must have been a real relief, to her, to have me cleaned and dressed up, some of the time, even if it was only during that period, I was either in church or in school. I hated girls clothes, and shed them like rain from a roof, the minute I got home, from either. Then I was off to the woods, for some more daring adventures, a past time which suited me to a tee. I would often go trouping after my older brother Blaine, for I was his assigned child, as Linda was Angie's. Mother having assigned us girls, into the care of our older siblings, from as far back as I can remember. They must have really loved that, not!

I think the photographer was having way too much fun here. I clearly recall him telling us, to put our heads together. As you can see, Linda, who is sitting on the right, complied, Me, not so much. I would call the expression on my face, my photographers smile. I didn't much care, for having my picture taken.

Here is Linda, in the same red dress, only the black little tie is gone, and she is wearing it for her first grade picture. She just twinkle's for the camera.

Here is Myself, same time, same matching dress. Weren't we just adorable?!
By this time, no amount of prodding, on the part of the photographer, could compel me to show my teeth. This was my typical photo smirk.
If I had to guess, I would say we were six and seven, in these pictures. c.1966-67

We began first grade at Wanatchee Junior Academy, in Wanatchee, Washington, September of 1966, and transferred to Spring Glen Elementary, near Fall City, Washington, February 15, 1967. I loved my first grade teacher in Wanatchee, her name was Mrs, Peterson. I couldn't stand the one at Spring Glen. Her name was Mrs. Shumate. Fact is, I didn't like any of my teachers in grade school, until my 8th grade teacher, in the The Dalles, Oregon, one Eldon Mills. All the others, were heavy on the spanking paddle, or remedial discipline, and light on the teaching skills.

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