Sunday, April 26, 2015

Linda Lee & Lesa Lin Robison "The Identical Twins"

Like the shock of ice water down ones neck, on a hot summers day, was our arrival. Well, to be completely honest, was my arrival. Linda, being born first, was the one totally expected.

The story is told of our birth, in this wise: My father took my mother one day, to see her doctor, one Dr. Worthman, at her clinic, in Fall City, Washington. What was meant to be just a check up, turned into an impromptu  delivery, complete with my father assisting. My sister was born first, on October 9, 1959. She was lain upon my mothers chest, in readiness of cutting her cord, when my father, who was standing near my mothers feet, said, "There's another one!" Stepping up, and grabbing quickly, he caught me on the way to the floor. I was born a mere five minutes after my sister, but completely stole the show, as no one knew I was there. You can bet there was a good deal of consternation, and excitement after that. I am very thankful for my fathers quick thinking and reflexes, for I have no doubt, that he saved my life that day.

From here the story gets a bit blurry. Did we go straight home, after our birth, or were we taken to Nelms, where most of our other siblings were born? I don't have the answer. Where the story picks up next, is when we arrive with our parents, at Grandma Lillie's house. Apparently my mother had taken, or been given, a medication, containing ergot, which unbeknownst to her, she was deadly allergic to. She had barely stepped through the door of grandma's house, when she went into a seizure, and was rushed to the hospital, where she lay in a coma for some time.
When she finally came to, she was rather mentally confused, and didn't believe she had given birth to twins.
During that time, Grandma Lillie, and Grandpa Shorty, took us in, and cared for us. Our bed was an orange crate, stuffed with pillows. Grandma said she tied a pink ribbon on my sister, and a blue one on me, so that she could tell us apart, and know which she had fed last. We were raised on good old Carnation milk, from a can, and bottle fed, not the method the rest of our siblings enjoyed.

This might explain the special attachment, I've always felt towards my grandmother. She was always my rock, the person I went to for words of wisdom, and comfort. A women of simple Godly faith, she seemed always calm and unshakable, no matter the crisis.

Here I am, sitting in a baby buggy, in our yard, on the lower Cedar Falls Rd. At this point, all I am going by, is the thumb in my mouth. Seems, I liked to suck my thumb, a practice I continued until I was nearly twelve. My poor mother, resorted to every kind of measure, from socks covering my hands, to Tobasco Sauce on my thumbs, to no avail. I finally broke myself of the habit., when I realized, it was giving me bucked teeth.

Here is a picture of my twin sister and I, and gauging again by the thumb in the mouth, I am the one being held, but an unknown girl. My oldest sister, Angie is in the foreground, and you can just see my twin sister, Linda's head, beside her elbow. I wonder, does anyone in the family, know who that girl is? Could it be Candy Angevine, or is it a relative?

 Update: After talking to my sis, she pointed out, that the baby in the buggy, alone, is wearing a little boys shirt. Since these two pictures, were taken at the same time, the twin being held, has to be her, since she is wearing a dress. I have to agree, because Mom liked to dress my sis in frilly little dresses, and me in boys clothes. So I am the twin in the buggy, and Linda is the baby being held, by the unknown person. Thanks sis, for clearing that up!

Here I am, enjoying a sunny day in grandma Lillies yard. Looks like I am trying to master crawling.

Here we are, Linda on the left, and Lesa on the right. We are visiting at grt. grandma and grt. grandpa's house, in Auburn, Washington. They were Charles Oren Thompson & Flossie Beck, grandma Lillies parents. I absolutely loved my great grandparents, and visiting them. You will get to see a picture, and hear more about them later.

Here's a clue on how to tell, which of us is which, in this picture. First look at our shoes. I may have been born second, but I was always bigger. The other, is that my sister was always very tidy in her clothes, and I was a ragamuffin, and always coming undressed. Notice the bigger shoe, and the untucked blouse, on the right hand twin?! That's me. I wonder what we are eating? A cookie perhaps, or maybe rabbit?!

Here we are again. This time, we are at the little house, behind Uncle Harry & Aunt Ella Gensons house, in Snoqualmie. They were grandpa, George Elroy Gensons, brother and his wife, so technically they were our mothers uncle & aunt. I believe if I remember correctly, that we were being babysat that day, by mothers brother's wife, Gwen Thomas-Genson. Did uncle Al, and aunt Gwen, live in that little house at one time too, or were they just there, visiting grandma and grandpa Genson? I don't know. I do know the maternal grandparents lived there for some years, but whether it was all in one stretch, or off and on, I don't know.
Grandpa was a rolling stone, that gathered no moss. His occupation being mainly in logging, and road construction. He went wherever the jobs led. They ranged from North Bend, Washington, to North Bend Oregon, and back again, with who knows how many stops in between?!

Anyway, if you use the hints I gave you, you will quickly see, that it is Linda on the left, and me on the right, in the top picture, and me in the background, in the bottom picture. No doubt she is in pink, and I am in blue. Colors that ought to describe our different personalities, perfectly. She was delicate, and lady like, and I was a tomboy through and through.

How many of you can remember that old playpen? Is that the death trap mom was still hauling around, clear down to Philip?! If it is, it's a wonder any of us survived.

The story was told of Blaine, making wondrous escapes from that thing, by piling his toys up in a corner, and crawling over. I think Philip, got up to a like kind of mischief. Wise decision that. It was some finger & toe pincher.

Here I am in the tub, also at Auntie Ella's. You can see I am quite calm, and seem to be enjoying my time in the water. Linda on the other hand, had a fear of water, and would have been screaming the house down. I wonder if it was the water, or from the sound of the drain?! I remember our youngest brother, Philip, too, had a terror of the bathtub, until I figured out one day, it was not the water itself, but the sound the water made as it gurgled and growled down the drain. I had him stomp on and kill, what I called the, "Drain dragon", and he managed to conquer his fear by doing so. I wonder if he still remembers it?

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