Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our Von Trapp Like Family Photo

Moving on to better things. This next photo always make me smile. My mother, God love her, always loved to have us sing. We were a very musical bunch, and so special music for church, was an oft repeated habit of ours. This picture is what I like to refer to, as the Robison version, of the Von Trapp Family Singers. If  I remember correctly, the clothes were purchased, by Mrs. Campbell, a wealthy, well meaning member of the church we attended, in Snoqualmie Valley. Whose idea it was to have us all sit together, and have our picture taken, I am not sure?! But I can just about lay bets, that grandma Lillie helped pay for most, if not all of them. She was a great lady, for having our pictures taken.

From left to right, front row: Linda Lee Robison, Lesa Lin Robison, 1/2 brother Brent Madison Still.
Second row: Cheri Kay Robison, Angie Marie Robison.
In the back: Blaine Gerald Robison.
This picture was taken in North Bend, Washington.

This is a much happier group picture of us, tho I can't figure out, why our mother isn't in it?! When we were singing, is the one time you could count on us, not squabbling or fighting. We loved to sing around the piano at home, or to the music of grandma Lillie, playing on her old pump organ, or Angie playing her guitar, or just listening to the radio, or records, we did not have a t.v.

It was the greatest surprise of my life, when I first stood next to grandma Emogene Genson in church, and realized she must be tone deaf. Mother could always sing, as could her father, her mother sadly, could not.

Brent Madison Still was born, March 1, 1963. He was lovingly adopted, by my mothers third husband, Richard Duane Thomas, and became, Brent Madison Thomas.  Isn't he just adorable?!

He was nicknamed Toady, which was quickly changed to Toby Joe. Mother said he slept all curled up like a little toad, which is why she called him that to start with, but we children called him Toby Joe, for the little boy in the movie, Toby Tyler, who ran away to join the circus. In fact, I was nearly into my teens, before I even knew he had a different name, which goes to show how observant I was. I put it down to, too many kids, and too many moves. Who could concentrate on all of it?! I was fast becoming a kid, who lived in my own world, in the woods, and in my head.

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