Friday, April 24, 2015

My Father, Wesley "Wes" Gerald Robison

These few pictures, are all that I have, of my father, Wes. His was not a long life. Sadly he died November 15, 1960, at the age of 29. When I was just over a year old. I have no memory of him, just things passed down, from Grandma Lillie, and my mother, and other relatives who knew him. That he loved his children, was an oft repeated theme, of all the stories, and that he was musically and mechanically inclined. Given to the writing songs and poetry, and also very inventive, and creative, whenever it came to working with his hands.
He loved to play his guitar, and serenade my mother, which sometimes meant writing and singing her a song, at two in the morning, not a thing she entirely appreciated, given the fact, they managed to have five children, in the under 8 years, they were married, before he died. No sleep from babies, and an early morning serenader, are not conducive for good humor. So he might have done better, to have chosen his timing more wisely.  Tho personally, I think he was a wit.

I like to think, that I inherited a good deal of my own creative talents, from my father, and only wish, that he had lived long enough, for me to have known him, just a little. I think that he would have totally understood, my need to be creative, and my brains habit, of turning nearly any subject, into a poem.

Here is Wes, on his Indian Motorcycle. The panel you see in front of his leg, is a metal one he added, in order to protect his legs from mud. Grandma Lillie said, he loved to ride that motorcycle, and if I recall, there was also a story told, about how my mom had a little motorcycle as well, but that she wouldn't stop riding it, even when she was pregnant, so dad disassembled it. I'll bet that made her steamed too!

I think he looks rather dashing, in his leather jacket, and combed back hair.

Here he is with a couple of his cars. This must be about when he got married. I am thinking 1951-52. Tho it may have been earlier or later. He loved to work on cars, and owned a slew of them.

This is yet another of his cars. He did own some beauty's, and that's a fact.  All of these were taken on the lower Cedar Falls Rd., with Mt. Si in the background. Near North Bend, King Co., Washington. No doubt these were either in Grandma Lillies front yard, or our front yard, which was just a few doors down from grandma's.

Update: I can't believe it, but I found in one of my binders, a larger, different shot, of the same picture as the one above this one. Enjoy!

It seams cars weren't the only things he liked to work on. I guess he was equally at home, driving his own forklift. Isn't that a dandy?!

Just when I thought I had found, and put up all the pictures of dad, I found this one tucked away, in another group of pictures. I am still unpacking from our move here, so am a bit unorganized.

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