Saturday, April 25, 2015

Angelina Marie Robison "Angie"

As  I may have said before, we were poor as dirt, so there are not many pictures of us children, when we were growing up. The pictures that I have, were given by grandma Lillie, to relatives, who thankfully saved them, and gave them back to me, when I visited them, many years ago. Otherwise, I doubt very much, whether they would have survived.

This one is of Grandpa Shorty, holding Angie. They are certainly finding something interesting, up in the air. Maybe it's a bird, or even a plane?!

Here's another of Angie, what cute knee patches, on a equally cute outfit.

This is Angie in grade-school, maybe first grade, but I don't know for sure.

Angie Marie, Cheri Kay, and Blaine Gerald Robison, on the porch steps, of our old house on the lower Cedar Falls Rd. This house had first belonged to gr. grandpa, Charles Owen Thompson & gr. grandma, Flossie Beck-Thompson, grandma Lillie's parents. They sold their old house, and property to our grandparents, when they moved to Auburn, so I was told.

Here is a picture of the lower Cedar Falls Rd., near North Bend, Washington, with Mt.Si, and Little Mt.Si, in the background. This was taken before the freeways were put in. It was on this road, that I spent many happy years of my childhood.

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